RV Parking

No power will be available at these shows. No parking refunds will be made after the closing date. Please see Edmonton Kennel Club premium list for RV rules. Payment can be made with your online entries on www.dogshow.ca or mail in cheque with RV order form. More details at a later date.

Handler Set Up

If you use an RV spot, you will be required to pay the same fee as RV’s. Please see Pual Bagnall if you plan to set up in the day tenting and will required a larger spot than a normal size day tent.

Day Tenting

A space will be provided for day tents in designated areas only. Tents cannot have bottoms on them and no grass mats on the field. Please see the parking attendant before setting up your tent. There is no charge for day tenting but a $20.00 refundable deposit is required before you can set up. The deposit will be returned at the end of the show if your space is clean.

Dumping Stations

  • Edmonton Tourism, Gateway Park,

    • 2404 Gateway Blvd

  • Rainbow Valley Campground

RV parking & Day Tenting