FCRSC 2018 Specialty Quilt Draw & Print

purchase a print!

Purchase a Print

Contact Aubrey if you would like to pay for and pick up a print in Pennsylvania in May.

Prints are $20 US. 

at the FCRSA Specialty

Prints can also be purchased via e-transfer.

Contact David to arrange.

Purchase a small print inspired by the Specialty logo and be entered in a draw to win one of three gorgeous quilts: 

     - Flat-coated Retriever Specialty 2018 single bed or lap quilt created by Flat-

       coat owner and quilter extraordinaire Patricia Nilsson. It is 53” by 77” and can        be washed and dried. 100% cotton.  


     - Quilted wall hanging window quilt, “Capturing One Moment in Time”.      

       Created by expert Alberta quilter, Lindsay Clipsham.


     - Large quilted wall hanging featuring the specialty logo “Look North”

       (42” x 74”). Donated and beautifully made by Aubrey Harris. 

There will be 100-200 prints available at $25 each.   

One print purchased = 1 draw ticket for the quilts.


The $25 includes shipping of the print within North America, as needed.  


The Quilt Draw will take place at the 2018 Specialty Banquet, but you do not need to be there to win one of the quilts.

Print Details:

A relief print inspired by the specialty logo, printed with black light fast oil-based ink on acid free paper, signed, titled and packaged with an acid-free backing board in an acid-free plastic sleeve.

Print size = 5” x 7”, suitable for framing in an 8x10 mat and frame. 

Because the prints are hand-pulled, no two prints are exactly the same.  

To add to the fun, a minimum of 1 in 10 of the prints are printed on watercolour paper and hand-coloured by the artist in watercolours.  You won’t know if you have a coloured version until you open your envelope!

Prints can be purchased from organizing committee members or pay via Paypal on our website.  They can be mailed or kept until the specialty and picked up there.

All prints are placed in envelopes and shuffled, so it will be chance as to who receives the coloured versions.

A minimum of 1 in 10 prints have been hand-coloured. Once they are in the envelopes, they are shuffled and mailed out randomly.

*If we haven't sold out, draw tickets/prints will be available for purchase at the specialty show up until the draw on Saturday Evening.

purchase a print!

Prints can also be purchased via e-transfer.

Contact David to arrange.